Local Company Invests in Keyhole Technique

Looking for a faster, easier and less invasive approach to dental implants? Well look no further!

ImplantPilot® offers a new innovative keyhole technique that allows implants to be placed accurately without any cutting or peeling back of the gums. This means that there are no sutures required and therefore a shorter healing time and significantly reduced patient discomfort. Patients are raving about this new technique and are “quite happily telling everyone who will listen how AMAZING IT IS” -practice manager Lorrain Pass-Matthews. Patient Valerie Whitehouse claims its “absolutely brilliant, much better and less painful than having a tooth out. Healing was fantastic. No painkillers needed after just one day!”.

Why wait? Book a consultation today or for more information contact the team on 03300 249 778 or info@implantpilot.co.uk

Photo Credit: Shutterstock