National Smile Month – A Glossary of Dental Ingredients is Announced

The vast majority of the general public now purchase their dental products at the supermarket. To mark national Smile month the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) has published a study into the public’s knowledge of the ingredients commonly found in dental products.


Over a quarter (26%) of those surveyed did not understand what is in a dental product and what the product is made from.


72% were cynical about claims made by the dental product market.


In order to inform and educate consumers the BDHF has produced a glossary of common ingredients found in dental products and explained their purpose.


Dr Nigel Carter, Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation said,” The Foundation has a long track record of helping to educate the public in all aspects of oral health issues.”


Dental product manufacturers further complicate the issue by describing ingredients in a complicated manner, for example  water is noted as aqua. Other common ingredients include Cocamidopropyl Betaine which is derived from coconut oil and is a thickening agent, Benzoic acid which is a preservative and artificial flavouring and Hydrated Silica which is better known as Silica or sand and is a clear abrasive to clean teeth.


The full glossary can be found at


National Smile Month runs from May 16 – June 16, 2016