Precise, Safe and accurate implant placement – ImplantPilot™

What is ImplantPilot™?

ImplantPilot™ is a revolutionary new system developed to increase the precision of implant placement whilst being less invasive and thus reducing discomfort for you as a patient.

It takes advantage of the latest digital technology to plan the implant placement virtually well in advance of the actual procedure.

The planning establishes the final appearance of the teeth then makes the implant positions correspond to that, so a predictable final result can be achieved.

It opens up the possibility of placing implants and attaching prefabricated teeth at the same appointment.

The digital planning combines a three-dimensional CT scan with a scan of a plaster model and then relates the two by use of a marker on both scans. The planning software is used to design a guide which is 3D printed in titanium. This guide controls the position of the drill, which in turn gives the precise implant placement. The guides that are fabricated are unique to every patient.

Conventional implant treatment requires the gums to be cut and folded back to be able to see the bone at the implant site. Using ImplantPilot™ keyhole technique there is much less tissue damage and so less post-operative discomfort. No sutures are required. There is less risk of bleeding and the procedure can usually be completed in a fraction of the time.

Just four easy steps to precise & accurate implant placement

 1. An impression is taken of your mouth, and with the impression still in place in your mouth a CT scan is taken.

2. The impression is used to cast a plaster model and this is then scanned.

3. The CT scan data and the model scans are loaded into the software and the position of the implants carefully planned.

4. From this data a metal guide is fabricated, which ensures a precise implant placement.

Because of the pre-planning the whole process typically takes half the time of conventional implant placement and results in far less stress and post-operative discomfort for patients.

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What patients say…….

“Following my consultation I was given the option for ImplantPilot™, I was quickly drawn to this as the whole procedure was keyhole, so no cutting my gums and no stitches. I was very impressed with how professional staff were and I’m looking forward to proceeding with my treatment and finally getting my new teeth”

Mrs Christine Hall


“I had a fear of dentists since a young age due to a bad experience, since having implants with ImplantPilot™ my fear has gone and I have no problem at all attending the dentists, the procedure itself was absolutely fantastic start to finish, no pain and quicker than I thought no problems at all.I had numbness for an hour after then nothing, I can’t believe I had absolutely no discomfort or pain at all. The procedure was easy and quick and I would have implants again with ImplantPilot™ absolutely brilliant”

Fred Billany


“I opted to proceed with the ImplantPilot™ system, I was very impressed with the technology and accuracy involved. The whole procedure was over very quickly and I had no stitches and best of all no pain”

Mr Christopher Black


“Absolutely brilliant, much better and less painful than having a tooth out. Healing was fantastic. No painkillers needed after just one day”

Valerie Whitehouse