Clothes or a Smile?

Men have known it for years  –  that despite spending more than £1,000 a year on clothes, women only wear a third of their wardrobe.

The average person in the UK  spends £21.60 a week on fashion shopping, this has decreased recently as the recession took hold.  However this is still an astonishing £1123.2 a year.

Findings from a survey by found that women in the UK spend a staggering £6 Billion every year on clothes, shoes and accessories they’ll never wear.  This means there are more than 30 Million wardrobes, each packed with at least £216 of unworn items many still with tags.


Research has found that women generally own 100 items of clothing yet only wear 30 of them, while the rest stay on their hangers.  The vast majority of women want to (quite rightly) look good but having bad teeth can age a woman by a staggering 13 years, research  has revealed.    Dr Phil Stemmer, dental ambassador for Oral B, said: ‘Teeth are one of the first things we notice about a person.

“When people don’t look after their teeth, they tend not to smile, which can give off a bad impression.”

“Whether or not we are aware of it, when we first meet someone who doesn’t smile or has unhealthy looking teeth we can form negative intuitive views about their lifestyle – from their relationship status, career success and pay packet to their character and even their age.”

“The research highlights the importance the appearance of your teeth can have on the way people perceive you.”


The Oral-B Smile Report also revealed that the majority of people believe those with nice teeth, earn more.

The study found 85% would expect adults with bad teeth to earn between £10,000 and £50,000-a-year while 82 per cent said those with good teeth would earn between £25,000 and £75,000.


So  why not reduce the clothes’ spending and get the cosmetic dentistry done – which will improve your appearance, decrease your perceived age and maybe make you happier than some new clothes in the long term.